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Paint Correction


Machine polish

  • One stage machine polish, designed to restore gloss and shine to your paint, light swirl removal. 3 month paint sealant applied (3 month durability)

  • Decontamination Wash

  • $299.99 +HST


Two Stage Paint Correction

  • A two stage machine process (Cutting Compound & Polish). This eliminates far more swirls and scratches than stage one. A professional paint sealant is applied afterwards (6+ month durability)

  • Decontamination Wash

  • $499.99 +HST


Paint Correction

  • $1250-$1500

  • An in-depth correction of the paint falling within the 90th percentile. Cutting, polishing, and touch up wet sanding. Correction time ranges from 10-15 hours

  • 2 Year Ceramic Coating is included

Paint Correction

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